Why you can’t speak French – The 3 Reasons Holding You Back

Do you wonder often why you can’t speak French? In case you have been trying to learn French for a while, and you are still encountering some hindrances, then you need to start paying attention to the following 3 things:

1. Do you like French?

Do you really like it? Is someone forcing you? I would suggest if you do not like it, you start thinking of how it can help you. I mean the logical consequence that learning French may bring your way. If you can remember how it can affect your life positively, you will want to do something about it daily. By working on it every day, believe me, you will start developing a passion for it naturally.

2. Do you have a French learning daily routine?

Only practices make perfect. It is a little discipline repeated every day that takes someone to success. If you can learn 3 new words in French daily, you won’t believe how fast you will be speaking shortly. If you ever experience shopping in Paris when you can’t speak french, like one of my friends, then you will want to improve daily. Most of my students will ask me, how to speak french to be able to speak in a short time. All I tell them is practice, practices, practice.

3. Do you tell yourself that you are too old to learn French?

Please do not underestimate yourself. You can learn French and speak in a short time if you are ready to pay the price. The truth is that most people are not ready to pay the price but they want to enjoy the result. Either you are ready to pay the price of enjoying the beach today or buying the beach in the future. I would suggest you go for the price of buying the beach in the future, the price of doing something daily to guaranty fluency in the future.

Why you can’t speak French – The 3 Reasons Holding You Back

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