Good Evening In French

In case you want to learn how to say good evening in French, Not only will this post help you to learn how they say it in France, But also in the French-speaking parts of Africa.


What is Good Evening in French?

Good evening in French is Bonsoir. Click the MP3 below to listen and practice how to say good evening in French several times.

In case you are wondering,

When Do We Say Good Evening In France?

We greet in France by saying Bonsoir which means good evening after 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. in the winter, 7 p.m., and 8 p.m. or up to 10 pm in the summer.

How do we say good evening in France?

The word remains the same Bonsoir (Bonn Swar) while the manner depends on the setting in which you find yourself. In a formal setting, we used to greet by shaking hands. You definitely don’t want to do that during this Coronavirus time. Therefore keep the social distance and greet by saying Bonsoir with a nice smile.

Good Afternoon And Good Evening In Africa

In French-speaking African countries when it is 1 mn after 12 PM people greet by saying Bonsoir. Yes, it is their way to say that they are in the afternoon that businesses will be on break and they will resume in 1 or 2 hrs time. They also great by saying the same Bonsoir to someone they are meeting in the evening as well to say the night has fallen.

What Are The Other Ways Of Greetings

Bonjour = Good morning

Bonsoir = Good afternoon / good evening

Salut ! = Hi !

Coucou! = Hey!  

Allô!= Hello ( On phone)

ça fait un bail = ça fait longtemps = Long time no see 

Au revoir = Goodbye!

Enchanté! = Nice to meet you!

 A plus tard = See you later!

A demain = See you tomorrow

A l’année prochaine = See you next year 

Quoi de neuf? = On dit quoi? = What’s up? 


Good evening in French is Bonsoir. In Africa the same bonsoir is used from 12 PM to say good afternoon. Good afternoon and good evening are the same in French speaking African countries.

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