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French Vowels: Tips For A Better Pronunciation

French vowels are for a word what sugar is for your tea. Imagine what it would be like to pronounce a word like “TJRKPLQNBVM” or like this “ZWRPGDLKMNV”. Very hard, right? That is it! French vowels and Consonants are needed for the construction of a word.

In this post, we are going to learn the number of vowels that exist in French, their pronunciations, and the most difficult one that we should work on the most.


How many vowels do we have in French?

In case you are thinking we have the same number of vowels in both languages, then I need to tell you that you are wrong. We have 6 vowels in French. French vowels are: a, e, i, o, u and Y. Yes, the letter Y is a vowel in French.

Let’s learn

The French Vowels Pronunciation

This is the French vowels list:

a : we pronounce it like ah in English. Ex: La (The)

e (er) is pronounced like er in “her” when it is found at the end of a syllable. Ex: Me Note: This letter is a bit tricky. Most French learners find it hard to pronounce this vowel right. Refer to the audio below to pronounce it the right way. Try to repeat it along with the audio.

I is pronounced like “ee” inside feet, meet. To get it right you need to do as if you were smiling and close your teeth. Make sure you play the audio to get it right.

O is pronounced like o in post-office.  Check the audio for a better pronunciation.

U: We do not have this letter in English, so to get it right you will pronounce the letter ee with rounded lips. Check the audio pronunciation below

y may have 3 different sounds based on the place it finds itself.

  1. When it is between 2 consonants it sounds like “ee” in meet. Example: Un mythe = a myth
  1. At the beginning of a word and followed by a consonant, it sounds like “I” as well. Ex: Yvette (ee vet): a person’s name, Yvon (ee von): a person’s name as well.
  1. When it starts a word and followed by a vowel, it sounds like y inside yoak. Ex: Yaourt (yah oor) = Yoghurt

Takeaways On The French Vowels

French vowels play the same role as English vowels. They make words’ pronunciations easier. To master them, you just have to practice them often. I hope you have learned something.

Please if you have any way to learn the pronunciation of the French vowel do not forget to share in the comment session.

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