French Verbs Conjugation For Beginners: The 1st 6 Verbs You Need

In this French Verbs Conjugation For Beginners, you are going to learn the first most important 6 verbs that enable you to respond well to greeting, introduce someone, talk about where you live, and your likes and dislikes.

Without further ado, let’s find out,

The 6 French Verbs Conjugation For Beginners

The six verbs you are supposed to learn to make your greeting and basic exchanges easier in French are the following:

  • Aller = to go
  • S’appeler = to call oneself
  • Avoir = To have
  • Etre = To be
  • Aimer = To like
  • Habiter = To Live


Let’s work on the verbs 1 by 1

Verbe Aller Au Présent Simple = To Go In The Simple Present Tense

 Je vais >>> as an answer to “comment allez-vous?= how are you doing?”

Tu vas? >>> Comment tu vas? = How are you doing / going? (informal)

 Il ou elle va  >>>

 Nous allons

 Vous allez

 Ils où elles vont 

Note: We use the verb ALLER = to go which is a semi-auxiliary, to say how we are doing in fine. “je vais bien” means I am doing well.

S’Appeler Au Présent Simple = To Call Oneself In The Simple Present Tense

 Je m’appelle = My name is …

 Tu t’appelles >>>>> EX: Q: Tu t’appelles comment? B: Je m’appelle Reena, et toi?

 Il ou elle s’appelle >>> elle s’appelle Reena = Her name is Reena

 Nous nous appelons >>> Our name is “Gospel Winner” >> a group that bears a particular name for instance.

 Vous vous appelez >>>>> EX: Q: Vous vous appelez comment? A: Je m’appelle Issiak, et vous?

 Ils / elles s’appellent = their name is …..

Takeaways: The most important thing here is to know that S’APPELER is a pronominal verb. We do not translate by I CALL MYSELF buy MY NAME IS.

Avoir Au Présent Simple = To Have In The Simple Present Tense

 J’ai = I have >>> J’ai 10 ans = I am 10 years old / J’ai faim = I am hungry

Tu as = You have >>>>> Tu as quel âge? = How old are you?

Il / elle a = He / she has >>>> Elle a quel âge? = How old is she?

Nous avons = We have >>> Nous avons 20 ans = We are twenty years old.

Vous avez = You have (formal / plenty people)>>>> Vous avez quel âge? = How old are you

Ils ont = They have >>> Ils ont 20 ans = They are 20 years old.

Takeaways: We use to have to say our age. We also use it to say that we are hungry.

Etre Au Présent Simple = To Be In The Simple Present Tense

Je suis = I am >>> Je suis comptable = I am an accountant

Tu es = You are >> Tu es de quel pays? = Which country are you from?

Il / elle est = He / she is >>> Elle est géologue = She is a geologist

Nous sommes = we are >> Nous sommes béninois = We are benineses.

Vous êtes = You are ( Formal) >> Vous êtes Nigérian? = Are you a Nigerian?

Ils / elles sont = They are >>> They are Administrators = Ils sont des administrateurs.

Takeaways: We use ETRE to say our profession and nationality without using the A article.

Habiter Au Présent Simple = To Live In The Simple Present Tense

J’habite = I live >>J’habite en France = I live in France

Tu habites = You live >>> Tu habites où? (informal)= Where do you live?

 il ou elle habite = He / she lives >>> He lives in Quebec = Il habite à Quebec

 nous habitons = We live >>> Nous habitons à Lagos= We live in Lagos

 vous habitez? = You live (formal) >> Vous habitez où? = Where do you live?

 ils ou elles habitent = They live >> Where do they live? = Ils habitent où?

Takeaways: When you are saying where you live in French the major issue you may encounter is places prepositions.

Aimer Au Présent Simple = To Like In The Simple Present Tense

J’aime = I like >> J’aime travailler dur = I like working hard

 Tu aimes = You like >> Tu n’aimes pas le riz = You don’t like rice?

 Il ou elle aime = He / she likes >>> Elle aime travailler dur. 

 Nous aimons = we like >>> We like food = J’aime la nourriture.

 Vous aimez = You like (formal) >> Vous aimez les plats africains? = Do you like African dishes?

 Ils ou elles aiment = They like >>> They like our dance styles = Ils aiment nos styles de danse

Takeaways: We use AIMER to say our likes and dislikes.


Now that you have gone through the 6 French verbs conjugation for beginners, all you have to do is to start practicing them to improve your speaking abilities.

French Verbs Conjugation For Beginners: The 1st 6 Verbs You Need

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