French Accents On Keyboard: The 10 QWERTY Shortcuts You Are Not Using

Did you just type the “French accents on keyboard” in the search engine? In other words, you are looking for the easiest way to type the French special characters on your PC. That is what I will be giving you in this post.

This is whal you will learn

  1. The only 1 key that gives you à
  2. How you can type â with keys
  3. The 1 key that makes é
  4. How you can type è with keys
  5. Getting ê with 2 keys
  6. The 2 keys that make î
  7. How to get the letter ô
  8. How you can type û with 2 keys
  9. The Only key that makes ù
  10. Typing ç with only 1 key

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