Countries Gender In French: What You Should Know

This post will walk you through countries’ gender in French by making the explanation as simple as possible.

So let’s dive into it.

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Are Countries Feminine Or Masculine In French?

Although most countries are feminine, the answer is YES, countries are masculine and feminine in French.

How To Know A Country Is Masculine Or Feminine In French

Checking the suffix on the name of the country is all that is required of you. If the name of the country ends in “E” or “ES,” then it is a feminine nation. It is considered to be a masculine country if the name of the country ends with any other letter.


There are some 6 countries that end with “E” but that are masculine: Le Belize, Le Mexique, Le Cambodge, Le Zimbabwe, Le Mozambique, Le Suriname,

Examples Of Masculine Countries

Le Bénin, le Canada, le Danemark, le Pakistan, le Togo, le Liban, le Maroc, le Nigéria, le Brésil, le Pérou, le Japon,

Examples Of Feminine Countries

L’Angleterre, la Chine, la Colombie, l’Espagne, l’Argentine, l’Inde, l’Italie, l’Algérie, la France, la Mauritanie,

Is Nigeria Feminine Or Masculine In French?

Nigeria is masculine as it is not ended with the letter “E”

Do You Use En For Countries?

Of course, you can use “en” for feminine countries. Keep in mind that “en” means “in” in English and it can only be used in front of feminine countries. Example: Je suis en France = I am in France

Is Africa Feminine In French?

Africa is “Afrique” in French. Because it is ended with “E” it is feminine. We say “une Afrique”

Is Europe Feminine In French?

Since Europe is ended with “e” it is feminine. We say ” une Europe

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