What Are ER Verbs In French

Er verbs in French are a category of verbs ending in “-er” and form a significant part of the French language. They are characterized by their infinitive forms ending in “-er” and follow a specific pattern in conjugation. These verbs constitute a wide array of actions, including regular activities, routines, and common actions in daily […]

Countries Gender In French: What You Should Know

This post will walk you through countries’ gender in French by making the explanation as simple as possible. So let’s dive into it. If you prefer to watch a video with a full explanation, see it below In case reading is your best option to learn this, you can read below as well. Are Countries […]

French Conjugation: Everything You Need To Know

If you are trying to learn French conjugation for the first time or you started not quite a long time ago, then this is for you. So, bear in mind that, There is a book of reference: BESCHERELLE It contains all the French verbs in alphabetical order. In case you find it difficult to conjugate […]

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