Get The Best Book To Learn French Free

If you have been trying to get the best book to learn French on your own, and everything you have laid your hand on seems overwhelming, then I got you covered.

Sometimes you may be eager to want to learn the French language at home, but getting one of the best books may be daunting. There are a lot of books available online to learn French nowadays from la CLE INTERNATIONAL to LA HACHETTE books, which are known as the best French books, but available in French only. These kinds of books will be hard to use to learn French on your own because their explanations are in French only.

Therefore, I can say they are not for self-studies. They are intended for both French teachers and students in Class. Keep in mind that, for a book to be the best option to learn French on your own:

1. its lesson must be explained in your first language or at least in English

2. the objective to be achieved must be clearly mentioned in the beginning of each lesson

3. There has to be a glossary at the end of each lesson to speed up your vocabulary level. So, If you ask me to recommend one of the best French books to learn French as a beginner, I will tell you that, this book is the No 1 out of all the French books I recommend. You are definitely wondering …

What makes this book special?

1. Easy To Use: Not only are the French lessons explained in English but the table of contents is made with hyperlinks that take you to each lesson with just a click of a button like on a website. Based on my experience, I have never seen any French learning book with this feature.

2. Clear Objective Per Lesson: The communicative, cultural and grammatical objectives you will achieve are defined at the beginning of each lesson. I don’t know about you, but for everything I am doing, I want to know clearly what is in it for me.

3. A Glossary Per Lesson To Get You Speaking Fast: You may be surprised by what a glossary per lesson topic can do for you. In the ’90s when I started learning English in a West African French-speaking country called Benin, there were neither phones nor apps. I used this same glossary method to learn English to become fluent in 1 year. In addition to all this, the author of the book published it under Creative Commons. That means you are allowed to use it free or give it away without having any copyright issue.

The owner made it free for all and it is only the audio that is for sale. Basically, you do not need the audio to use the book. But if you deem it necessary you can buy it to support the author. If you are someone that can teach yourself French, this book is definitely for you. All you have to do is to spend at least 15 minutes daily reading this book and filling your glossary with new words. My students are using the same book with a little discipline of 15 minutes daily learning from the book and the results are amazing. So, What are you waiting for?

Get The Best Book To Learn French Free

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